The Team

Project Owner, Project Manager, Development Engineer

Andreas Beermann (andi6510)

I started FPGASID as a small hobby project. I simply wanted to find out how far I can get in SID emulation on an FPGA. Once I realized that there is really the chance to make something useful out of it, I went into public to see what people are thinking about it. The positive feedback made me continue the project until today.This picture is NOT showing my real face. But that guy has such a nice Retro-Oculus-Rift I just had to select his face as my avatar.

PCB Design Engineer

Thomas Tahsin-Bey (Freak)

Thomas joined the project in the preparation phase of the FPGASID_proto1 prototype. He started helping with the PCB layout and soon took the complete responsibility for the PCB artwork. Without his valuable contribution the project would still use the old eval board prototype.

How weird, but Freak is using a part of his right upper arm as avatar.


Production and Sales

Christian Bartsch

Christian joined the project end of 2018 when I was looking for a commercial partner who could help me selling the FPGASID. Christian is Managing director at Kryoflux GmbH. Today he is handling the sales through the Kryoflux webshop and he is supporting the FPGASID production.

Yes, this is Christian's real face.


So far, many MANY people helped me with small and even bigger issues. There are so many people that have made a contribution, that I can not keep track of all of them anymore.

And before I forget a single name, I better say Thank You to all of you who have helped me to bringing FPGASID forward!