FPGA revision 2 binaries available

Gepostet am: 19.03.2017 11:14:37

After the first reports from the Alpha testers I prepared a bugfix release to fix the following issues:

    • POTX and POTY had been swapped.
    • Source selection of the EXTIN input was not matching the register specification.
    • Test bit handling was fixed.
    • Fixed advanced digi playback as used in Coma Light.
    • Adressing at DE00 collides with external modules such as the 1541U2 or some midi modules.
    • Note: This fix is still a workaround because it disables all reading from the DE00 address range. A final fix will be available in the next hardware release.

The new FPGA binaries are available on the Download Page together with the flashing tool and instructions how to do the flashing.