BREADAMP - The amazing C64 Sample player!

Gepostet am: 18.08.2019 18:49:38

Here is something I want to share with you:

BREADAMP is a C64 sample player that comes with full featured functionality. It can play various (proprietary) sample formats directly from a REU compatible RAM expansion such as the 1541 Ultimate or the Turbo Cameleon.

Only a few weeks ago daddlertl from the Forum64 (german) started to work on BREADAMP. An even though the development is still ongoing, BREADAMP is already showing amazing performance!

And the best of all: BREADAMP has native support for the FPGASID!

With an FPGASID in you C64, BREADAMP plays samples in stereo with less sampling noise than an original SID can do. And whilst original SIDs can play only those files that are created especially for them, FPGASID can play all files in best sound quality.

This video shows a short demo of the current BREADAMP version v03:

Of course it is possible to use you own music for playback. The audio files simply have to get converted to the correct format by a special tool and then packed into a REU file to load them into the memory expansion.

Convinced? To download BREADAMP click here.