A word on Protection of (Your!) Personal Data

Gepostet am: 08.06.2018 20:05:06

In Europe we have a new legal regulation on data security which became effective end of May. Basically this regulation limits the amount of personal data that can be collected legally by online services. One key point is that the users of an online services have to agree on the storage and processing of his/her personal data.

The FPGASID website was using Google Analytics in the past. Mainly because the technical base of this site is Google Sites. And of course I was interested in how many people visit the site and from which other site they come from.

But Google Analytics collects and provides provides much more data about the site visitors: Stuff like sex, age, hobbies, language, country and a lot more. What I could not switch off I was mostly ignoring so far. I am not interested in such details and to be honest I was always a bit shocked how much Google knows about the users (or at least pretends to know).

I think data protection is a very important. It has always been, but these days it has gained some extra importance. So I decided to disable Google Analytics on fpgasid.de. I will not see any traffic or tracking data anymore. And I expect Google to disable all data collection as well. But that's beyond my control now.