A new contributor for the PCB design

Gepostet am: 29.08.2016 20:19:09

For quite some time I was struggling with the PCB layout for the new prototype hardware. I had to realize that good PCB design is not something you can learn in a few weeks.

But then I stepped over a guy who was presenting an amazing project in a well known german retro-computer forum. For this project he made a big PCB with KiCAD, the same tool that I am using for FPGASID. So I just asked him if he wanted to contribute to FPGASID by helping me with the PCB.

He was enthusiastic enough to say Yes.

So please welcome Thomas, the man who is doing the PCB design work for the next FPGASID prototype!

His work will speed up the availability of the new prototype by months. He is already making good progress. So stay tuned for further updates...