Here you can download the latest firmware releases and tools for the FPGASID.

FPGA binaries:

latest version:
FPGASID FPGA revision 09 (improved audio quality, adjustable 6581 filter curve, C128 mode, bugfixes)
CAUTION: For Alphatest hardware do NOT update the CPLD with the USB-Blaster! See release notes.

older versions:
FPGASID FPGA revision 08 (fix loading of configuration on power up, some ConfiGuru improvements)
FPGASID FPGA revision 07 (fixing 8580 distortion issues, some ConfiGuru improvements)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 06 (Christmas Release 2017 including the new exciting ConfiGuru tool)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 05 (bugfixes H.E.R.O. and Katakis)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 04 (keep configuration across hard-reset)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 03 (fixing a 6502 Bus timing problem)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 02 (bugfixes after first test results)
FPGASID_proto1 FPGA revision 01 (first version used in Alpha Test)

Support Software:
The release packages from revision 6 onwards include a Configuration and flashing tool named 'ConfiGuru'. The tool will run directly on a C64.
When your FPGASID uses a firmware below revision 06 you will need a USB-Blaster and this flashing tool to program the FPGASID with the latest firmware (with instructions). First read the instructions in the dropbox folder, then download the correct setup file.

This ZIP-Archive contains a register description and some sample Programs for the FPGASID configuration. These files are somehow outdated because the firmware archives from revision 06 onwards contain a powerful configuration tool for the C64 that allowing you to configure FPGASID to your needs without knowing all the details. Programmers please stand by for a new documentation package to be uploaded here in the near future. This documentation will then reflect all changes from revision 6 onwards.