Here you can download the latest firmware releases and tools for the FPGASID.

FPGA firmware binaries:

Important! Before updating the firmware, please read the documentation on flashing in the ConfiGuru manual

latest version:
FPGASID firmware release 0A - This firmware release improves some smaller items.

Main changes:
  • New 6581 bias setting range and curve. Per default the bias is now tuned to a brighter sound which is the most audible difference to revision 09.
  • Some further improvements on the 6581 filters.
New Features:
  • LEDs can be switched off now.
  • The outputs can be switched to a mix of both SIDs allowing mono setups with a single speaker.
  • The firmware flashing procedure has been improved to increase the success rate.
  • FPGASID is now compatible to the EasyFlash 3 module.
older versions:
FPGASID firmware relase 09 - This is the firmware version that is being shipped with the first production lot.

Support Software:
The firmware release packages include a Configuration and flashing tool named 'ConfiGuru'. The tool will run directly on a C64.